What’s in my Dock?

In this short screencast, I try to answer the small but important question, “What’s in my Dock?” Enjoy! All for now!

The Apple Repair Team Strikes Back!

Everyone who has been reading my blog today will know that I this morning sent my Macbook in to the apple store to have the case cracks repaired. Well i am happy to report that this repair was firstly free,…


Found this little guy in the yard today. Hopefully he does his job and earns his keep by eating all the mosquitoes so they don’t eat me.  All for Now! via DestroyTwitter Posted via email from arthurlockman’s posterous

The Crackbook Saga Begins

Image via Wikipedia As everyone probably already knows, the older white MacBooks have this tiny little problem that Apple doesn’t like to admit. Yes, i’m talking about the case cracks which turn your pristine white macbook into a ‘Crackbook’. Well…

The Great American Game

This is a shot (well, actually a panorama) that i took today at a Portland Sea Dogs game in Hadlock Field. We lost 3-10, but still had a good time.  All for Now! via DestroyTwitter Posted via email from arthurlockman’s…

Don’t try this at home. I mean it.

Yesterday, I thought it might be a good time to give my MT5 blog a much needed refresh. I installed a new theme into the blog system, and switched over. Well when I went to publish this new layout i…

Free Bumpers? Not so fast Apple.

Now, we all know about apple’s ‘solution’ to the iPhonegate problems. Yes, I’m talking about the ‘Death Grip’. As you probably also know, Apple has ‘fixed’ this problem by giving everyone a free iPhone case to alleviate the problem. Well, for me,…

My Desktop: Circa Today

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Forrst Invites up for Grabs!

Image via CrunchBase I have a few invites to the Designer/Developer community site Forrst. If you think you deserve them, @reply me on twitter with some of your best work. I’ll pick the winners tomorrow afternoon. Let’s see some good…

Something Tabulous is coming….

Something Tabulous is coming your way. Check it out at http://www.startmytab.us All for Now!