HyperDock: Bringing Aero-esque Previews to the Mac

We all are familiar with the WIndows Aero window previews when you hover over the items in the taskbar. This is the one feature from Windows that I wish was built in in Mac OS. Well now, with HyperDock, it’s…

CS Live Update Problems

For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to install the Adobe CSLive Services update for CS5. However, the update refuses to install. Every time I try I get the same error: “Couldn’t install because the package was not applicable”….

A day on the Songo River Queen [Pictures]

These are just a few pictures I took a few weeks ago whilst taking a cruise on the Songo River Queen in Naples, Maine. It’s a great cruise, and I highly recommend it if you are in the area and…

Fun with Fire! [Picture]

Fun with Fire at our last camping trip. Used some of that color changing powder that you can buy for fires. Lots of Fun! Shot on my Motorola Backflip. No photoshopping involved! All for Now!

Apple Force-Choke Relaxed: Here Comes the Third Party!

Image via Wikipedia Today, Apple announced two things. Both of which are important developments for the Apple Dev community. The first and possibly least prominent part of their announcement today is this: “In addition, for the first time we are…